Professional Aluminum Electronic Panorama Head

360°Panorama shooting, Bluetooth remote, More stability electronic rotation.

Panorama electronic head

Made by aluminum alloy, ultra solid and durable

Handheld head 360°electronic head

It is widely compatible with SLR cameras, macro SLR cameras, smart phones and action cameras and so on.

Electronic Head for SLR camera and smart phone

Top 1/4”camera screw, bottom 3/8”camera screw, perfectly match with tripods and other photographic devices.

Aluminum Electronic Panorama Head

Long-distance remote control operation, allow clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation at optional time of 15 min. ,30 min. and 60 min., enjoy the panorama shooting fun.

Handheld head 360°electronic head

Precise motor, ensure the stability and smoothly shooting.

Professional Aluminum Electronic Panorama Head

Colorful, Blazing, Multicolor Optional.

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